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CUBE Motion Sensor

A compact motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detection.

Cube Motion Sensor is a compact motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detection
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Human Presence Sensor

Adopt microwave radar technology to sensitively detect human motion.

Adopt microwave radar technology to sensitively detect human motion.

CUBE Door/Window Sensor

A-simple-to-install door/window sensor combined magnetic sensor and vibrating sensor

The LifeSmart's CUBE Door/window Sensor can send a notification through your Life Smart App when the door/window is detected open. It can also be used to trigger events with other smart devices, like making a snapshot with your Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera of whoever enters your house. The device is equipped with a vibration sensor. If someone tries to break-in, you can get notified instantly. It is also a CUBE Clicker. One simple click can trigger a series of actions of the smart devices. With the help of LifeSmart Cloud services and other amazing technologies, every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.

Motion Sensor (AAA)

A Motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detection

LifeSmart Motion Sensor detects movement. Upon detection, notifications will be sent to your mobile devices via LifeSmart App. Alternatively, a light can be triggered upon entering a room that is too dim. If connected with LifeSmart smart home Wi-Fi camera, you can trigger a snapshot that can be directly be sent to your mobil device.

Water Leak Sensor

Ensure safety and the comfort of use when there is water leak

LifeSmart Water Leak Sensor uses an ultra-low power consumption processor and a high-reliability probe to detect a water leak. When a water leak occurs, it uses advanced wireless communication technology to send a notification alert to the mobile phone through the Smart Station. It can be widely used in the kitchen, warehouse and other locations to protect your property.


Gas Sensor

A gas sensor with sound alarm for immediate notifying

LifeSmart Gas Sensor can provide a timely warning when natural gas leaks. It uses industrial-grade sensors for real-time detection and also supports remote viewing from mobile phones. Once a gas leak is discovered, LifeSmart Gas Sensor will immediately sound the alarm and push the information to your phone to help you eliminate gas hazards.


Smart Fan Coil Thermostat 

Perfectly integrated into the FCU central air conditioning smart control system, it upgrades water/air-cooled central air conditioning.

  • Independent Extension Control

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Energy Saving

  • One-Key Smart Control

  • Multiple Triggers Setting


CUBE Environmental Sensor

One device to simultaneously monitor the temperature, humidity and illumination and indicate these data with a LCD display.

It monitors indoor temperature, humidity and illumination and equipped with a LCD display showing these data in real time. It also works with other devices to perform smart, triggers or scenes.

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