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Our smart home solutions make your life easier: the automatic intercommunication among devices simplifies your daily routines; you don’t have to lift a finger and you’re always in control wherever you are.



There are different smart devices ready to secure and protect your home. You'll be able to detect motion, smoke and water leak etc, and receive alerts when there’s any emergency.



There will be no more wasting with LifeSmart solutions. Save valuable energy by smartly linking the appliances in your home as well a networking your heating to be in control of your energy bills.

Customer Cases

LS144 3.png

Let your lights change to your desired ambience based on the time of day, temperature, or even by opening a door.

BLEND Light Strips are the perfect way to add ambience to any room and with its unique flexibility to be concealed almost anywhere, you can showcase your favorite works of art.

Capable of creating 16 million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes, you can always easily set the mood for that romantic dinner and seamlessly let it transition into a party setting.

LifeSmart provides smart home solutions to offer our customers control over appliances and the home environment, bringing convenience to life, as well as security and energy-saving. All the appliances are controlled at the touch of a button.
With our smart devices implemented into your current smart home solution, you are ready to offer your customers a solution that fits every need.
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