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Quick Curtain Motor

Turn your traditional curtains into smart ones.

DIY curtain bundle, one stop buy for smart curtain.


MINS Curtain Motor Controller

Turn your traditional curtains into smart ones.

LifeSmart MINS Curtain Motor Controller can be combined with a traditional curtain motor into a smart curtain motor.


BLEND Curtain Controller

A good design panel for curtains' easy control.

The LifeSmart BLEND Curtain Controller opens and closes the curtains as well as stops the curtains moving by easily pressing the physical key switches, or rather, simply controlling it with LifeSmart App anytime, anywhere. It can work with other smart devices to initiate triggers such as pairing with environmental sensor to adjust the curtain automatically, according to time or indoor brightness. It can also participate in different customized scenes such as schedule to open/close curtains, or realize the automation of curtains the way you want it when Curtain Controller is connected with LifeSmart Motion Sensors, Cube Door/Window Sensor and other smart devices.

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